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Winning KPIs
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Detailed Curriculum
First Week:
General overview of indicators
Types of key indicators: KRI, KPI
KPI features and examples
How do indicators differ?
The 10/80/10 rule
Performance measurement failures
Management models and impact on KPIs
Balanced Scorecard (BSC)
Faulty BSCs
Hoshin Kanri method
Beyond the budgeting model
From memos to decision-oriented reports
Best practices
KPI ground rules
Measuring what is important
Strategy ties
Designing a performance measuring system
What can it yield?
Implementation stumbling blocks
Vertical and horizontal integration
KPI features in the measuring system
CF method
Indicator synthesis
Nemhauser algorithm
Performance measurement dashboards
Second Week:
Measuring clients
Net promotional score (NPS)
Satisfaction index
Measuring the engagement level
Measuring internal processes and quality
Lean and 6 Sigma
How can you measure quality?
Quality indicators
Calculating internal productivity
Measuring waste
Orders analysis
Measuring staff performance
Satisfaction and engagement
Satisfaction index
Engagement level
Advocacy (SAS)
Hiring effectiveness
Time to hire
Bradford factor
Average tenure
Churn rate
Training ROI