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Winning KPIs
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Key performance indicators (KPIs) are necessary for the success of every company.They are used for measuring company performance and allow managers and staff to envision what needs to be done to improve the organization. They are a set of measurements linked to the company’s critical success factors (CSFs). The monitoring of these indicators is valuable business intelligence.
Companies can no longer rely on financial indicators alone. If they are intent on prospering in the current economic environment, they have to track non-financial indicators, such as quick response, product quality, client and personnel satisfaction, etc.
It is a well-known maxim, that only work that gets measured gets done. Still, in a lot of companies, measurement in quite inadequate. They use inaccurate indicators. Initiatives, related to measuring are cobbled together without any link to CSFs, or consulting staff who are going to be impacted. Most performance reports are mere information memoranda and not management tools.
Managing and analyzing KPIs does take time and energy. It is, therefore, important to choose the right KPIs that would address specific company needs. This course is designed to train you to develop and implement KPIs that would make your measuring work meaningful.
The course examines winning performance measurement methods and techniques, illustrated with numerous examples of best practices, KPI design and implementation difficulties, the practical application and calculations of essential sample indicators related to client success, internal process performance, quality, and staff performance.
In addition to the benefit for managers and company project leaders, if you apply in your company what you have learned in this course, it is bound to create a sustained legacy, or at least impart meaning and completeness to all your performance measurement efforts.

Dates 6 - 19 June, 2024
Duration  2 weeks
Trainer eFLAG Trainer