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Strategic Procurement: Tools and Techniques
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Detailed Curriculum


First Week:


  1. Strategy Development

Objectives and tasks of procurement

Impact on company results

Strategic principles

Analysis of internal requirements

Analysis of the environment

Setting quantitative goals

Commodity group strategy

Strategy implementation


  1. Managing Suppliers

Key questions and cycle

Supplier selection

Supplier evaluation

Supplier control


3.   Managing Supply Risk

Definition and risk identification

Risk evaluation and control

Protection against special risks

Supplier portfolio analysis

Passive risk management

Active risk management

Anticipatory risk management



Second Week:

  1. Practical Methods and Tools

Value analysis

ABC analysis

The portfolio technique

Commodity group portfolio

Supplier portfolio

Price structure analysis


  1. Procurement Negotiations

Procurement negotiation principles

What motivates negotiations?

Negotiation strategies

Preparation supplier negotiation form

Negotiation goals

Negotiation goals (case study)


  1. Procurement Negotiation (ctd.)

Verbal communication

Non-verbal communication

Negotiation stages

Competitive negotiation (MPP)

The Harvard method (BATNA)