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Strategic Procurement: Tools and Techniques
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There is extensive theory and literature on the topic of strategic procurement, designed mainly to collect dust on the shelves and to obfuscate the notion of corporate purchasing. There is no clear practical explanation with specific tools when, what and how to do in the everyday work of the purchasing expert.
This course draws on scientific knowledge to introduce participants to proven purchasing techniques and give professional advice. Methods that have developed and evolved in recent decades are presented. The course also shows how these methods can be applied in a relatively easy way for the benefit of the enterprise. For example, such is the method of determining the value of products without knowing the supplier's calculation.
The course provides answers to a number of questions of interest to the strategic buyer such as: How best to select, evaluate and control suppliers? How to deal with supply crises? How to raise the role of the Purchasing Department both internally and outside the organization?
In addition to methods, techniques and tools for purchasing and managing suppliers, the course also pays ample attention to purchasing negotiations with a number of practical examples and going into detail.
This training will be useful for both young professionals and experienced supply and purchasing experts, as a guide with a strong practical focus. Purchasing professionals will learn how to improve quality, minimize risks, and reduce supply costs, as well as how to move from operational tasks to strategic procurement and higher management responsibility.

Dates 11 - 24 July, 2024
Duration  2 weeks
Trainer eFLAG Trainer