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Project Cost and Value Management
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Developing the skills of cost and value management is vital for raising company competitiveness, bottom lines, market share and introducing innovations.
The good management of cost and value, earned by customers, are the two key factors for project success. Unfortunately, in project management, cost overruns and schedule delays are more often the norm than the exception.
Despite the great interest in project management, the percentage of successful projects in many industries is strikingly low. Why do problems persist when the tools for optimization are available and their benefits are undisputed? The key reason is lack of integrated cost and value management.
Although there is no system which can guarantee that a project will be a success, Earned Value Management (EVM) greatly improves the odds.
The chance of success is further enhanced when managers adopt a more modern viewpoint, such as the one advanced in this course. It is characterized by:
  • A desire to exceed customer expectations,
  • Taking into account the diverse perspectives of all stakeholders, and
  • Employing interdisciplinary methods and techniques.
A considerable advantage of EVM is that it is a unified system for project tracking in regard to work done, time, and money.
Unlike other trainings and literature on the subject, which deal will the tactical aspects of the issue, our approach is strategic and provides what the thinking project manager really needs in her decision-making.

Dates 11 - 24 July, 2024
Duration  2 weeks
Trainer eFLAG Trainer