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Lean Leadership Tools and Skills
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This course is dedicated to lean leadership. Lean leadership is a form of management which develops a culture of continuous improvement. Its goal is to simultaneously improve quality, team spirit, cost and delivery. The lean leader empowers, reveals opportunities, and helps people grow and be proud of their work.
There must be an inspiring reason for change in the organization, not just scary scenarios, what would happen if people did not change and the status quo was maintained. This creates insecurity and is one of the reasons why people feel disengaged and unmotivated.
Many lean organizations lack the lean leadership skills set and tools. Lean is equated with the standardization and efficiency tools, and companies tend to focus on their implementation only. In actual fact, much of the energy in lean transformations should go to changing people's thinking, behavior and practices.
Lean leadership has its own tools that are the focus of this special course. These are not the tools and techniques of the lean system with its 7QS - checklists, Ishikawa diagrams, Pareto charts, histograms, control cards, etc., but other tools, such as the OCAI survey, which assesses the cultural profile of the organization, or the CAP model, which determines the most appropriate type of change, or the PICK matrix that sorts out priorities. They all aim to protect the lean leader from making the wrong choice, which can lead to failed efforts and disappointing results.
Today, levels of volatility, uncertainty and complexity are high. Transformation is desirable, but the path to achieving it is often uncertain. Small changes in a process or product are presented as major transformations. This often disappoints managers and teams who implement new methods. The skills and tools in this course aim to fill critical gaps and show leaders and frontline staff the path to remarkable results.

Dates 17 - 23 June, 2024
Duration  1 week
Trainer eFLAG Trainer