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Finance for Non-Finance Managers Program
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Make numbers make sense

The Finance for Non-Finance Managers Program introduces the principles and techniques of financial management. It helps targeted business professionals and non-finance managers understand basic financial management. Participants will gain a comprehensive working knowledge of key finance concepts and acquire a solid foundation in financial analysis. Program graduates will be able to interpret financial data, become effective managers and be more productive and helpful to their organizations.

The Finance for Non-Finance Managers Program is a standard training offering and an essential element of business knowledge. In terms of scope and content, we have based the program on the body of knowledge of the European Business Competence Licence (EBCL) professional qualification, which is currently being introduced in a number of EC countries creating an opportunity for international recognition of this training. Unlike other similar programs, our program comprises four modules with the option to enroll in an individual, or a combination of courses, according to participants needs. Another novelty in the program is the course in Commercial Law, which supplements finance content with vital legal knowledge on various forms of commercial transactions and their implications.

To ensure best results and a full understanding of the finance for non-finance managers subject area you are best advised to enroll in all four courses of the program.

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This program is sponsored by USAID through the VEGA BTD project