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Essential Sales Management Metrics
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Sales management has for a long time placed emphasis on the past – what has been accomplished this month, for six months, this year. But stating the situation does not say anything about how to move forward and improve performance, while the sales manager’s most important task is to look ahead, measure, and forecast the future.
This course examines key metrics, ratios and indicators which every sales manager needs to know. This training shows how to use indicators which reveal emerging trends, anticipate events, and manage the gap.
The course provides useful tools which encourage rigorous and objective measurement and allow observations to be compared. The strengths and weaknesses of commercial metrics are discussed. The course shows how metrics are used to gain insights and draw conclusions. These metrics are useful in planning but also in performance evaluation, results optimization, and when changing direction.
The course is a useful reference source for every sales manager who thinks both logically and creatively and wants to understand the essence of results achieved.
Here is a run-down of areas and metrics that the course covers: customer satisfaction, sales goals, target volumes and revenue, customer profitability, client acquisition, retention, churn, customer lifetime value, managing sales channels, territories, sales team goal setting, compensation, monitoring, distribution metrics, brand and category metrics, share of shelf space, supply metrics, stock-out and other inventory metrics.
Participants will learn
  • What is vital to track and measure in sales
  • How to evaluate the intent to buy and customer loyalty
  • How to align marketing and sales goals
  • How to track client acquisition and retentions
  • How to evaluate customer profitability
  • How to evaluate the value of each customer
  • How to create balanced sales territories
  • How to evaluate individual and team sales performance
  • How to forecast sales and assign tasks
How to effectively manage sales distribution and logistics.
Target audience
The course is suitable for sales and marketing directors, regional trade representatives, sales managers and HR specialists engaged in measuring performance and sales team development, as well as sales and marketing department staff.
The training will be useful for those involved in strategic and operational sales decision-making, as well as all engaged in sales management who want to gain a deeper understanding of the practical aspects of the profession and increase the efficiency of their teams and the results of their efforts.

Dates 27 June -
10 July, 2024
Duration  2 weeks
Trainer eFLAG Trainer