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Essential Supply Chain Metrics and KPIs
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Supply chain management is a central topic in business literature today because of its strategic importance to any company. Good supply chain KPIs help increase profits and competitiveness. It is important to learn how to select KPIs that can quantify supply and procurement results.
This course comprehensively examines modern best practices and covers both the strategic and applied aspects of the topic. Different categories of KPIs related to supply chain efficiency, customer service and supply leverage are discussed in the course. Attention is paid to must-have metrics such as those related to accounts receivable, cash-to-cash cycle, perfect order index, inventory turnover, etc.
Thirty key indicators from the categories: top management metrics, inventory KPIs, delivery and shipment KPIs and miscellaneous are explained with their definitions, formulas and how they are calculated. Metrics related to profit, costs, sales-to-inventory ratio, inventory turnover, days sales of inventory, full and on-time delivery, transportation cost estimation, production materials tracking, etc. are included here.
At a strategic level, the course examines the supply triangle and its relation to metrics. The connection between the company strategies of product leadership, operational excellence, customer intimacy and supply chain improvement are explored. The course explains the five drivers of value of the Crawford and Mathews model. Forty metrics, applicable in retail, B2C and B2C contexts are derived from there.
The course also explains the SCOR model, an important tool for communicating procurement solutions and improvements. The full set of metrics related to reliability, responsiveness, agility, cost, and asset management efficiency is laid out. At the end, research and case studies of companies from several leading industries from different countries round the world that have used best practices in procurement measurement are presented in summary.

Dates 20 - 26 June, 2024
Duration  1 week
Trainer eFLAG Trainer