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Effective Risk Management
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Detailed Curriculum
First Week:
1. Overview
Defining risk
Types of risk
Cause and effect
Conceptual framework
How deep should your analysis be?
Poor and rich information scenarios
Qualitative and quantitative analyses
2. Risk Identification Tools
Organizing risk management
Implicit and explicit organizing structure, contracts, practices
Diagrams and models
3. Qualitative Impact Analysis
Qualitative analysis scenarios
Statistical forecast
Probability-impact matrix
Attribute analysis
Delphi forecasting
Second Week:
4. Quantitative Impact Estimates
Risk models
Expected value analysis (EVA)
Case study alternative routes
Benefit-cost analysis
B/C analysis when size and payback time are unaccounted for
Sunk cost in yes/no investment decisions
5. Probability and Statistical Methods
Conditional probability analysis
Conditional probability with decision tree
Probability distributions
Normal distribution
PERT Beta distribution
Monte Carlo simulation
6. Risk Response Planning
Risk mitigation
Risk transfer
Risk acceptance
Schedule of reserves
Budget reserves
Handling basic business risks
Market risk
Financial risk
Operational risk
Project risk
Regulatory risk
Risks and the product life cycle