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Essential Product Management Tools
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Product management is the function within the company that ensures that each product is as successful as possible today and strategically in the long run. Research shows that companies that delegate more authority to their product managers get their products to market 50% faster. Other benefits from the product manager’s work include satisfied customers, increased revenue, and capturing greater market share.
People compare product management to the operation of a refrigerator – you don't notice it until it stops working. Inconspicuously, the product manager creates order, gives direction, and manages the actions of the company. This position requires a wide range of skills, including expertise in the relevant technology, business knowledge, leadership skills, and operational capabilities.
This course contains a complete set of tools for product managers, clearly presented and well explained for easy application in practice. Included are techniques, frameworks, templates, and models suited for specific purposes, such as the Kano model, which helps predict which features are most desired and expected by customers, or the RICE model, which helps us target the initiatives with greatest positive impact for the company.
The course pays special attention to the business case that the product manager must justify in order to secure funding for the product idea. The training explains how to develop a market strategy that dramatically increases the chances of product success. The course presents various types of roadmaps, an important component of product planning. The ways to introduce a new product to the market are explained, with their pros and cons and how to choose the ones that will best work for us.
An extended case study at the end of the course illustrates how to use Design for Value (DTV), one of the more sophisticated tools combining the marketing and engineering perspectives.

Dates 11 - 24 July, 2024
Duration  2 weeks
Trainer eFLAG Trainer