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Essential Marketing Metrics (online)
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The course examines the full range of essential marketing metrics which every manager must know.
There were times when marketing was more of an art than a science. Marketers simply requested funds for advertising and events to spread the message and make the brand known and their budgets were readily approved. Those times are gone. Now measuring and accountability are the order of the day.
Nowadays, company boards require of the marketing director to speak the language of profitability and return on investment. Marketing managers must develop the analytical skills to manage profitability. It is important to collect and analyze market data, measure the factors of the business model, analyze individual accounts, and optimize the distribution of resources to increasingly more fragmented media. These are activities that are data-intensive and logical.
The course is a valuable resource for the managers facing these analytical tasks. It examines the construction, the strong and weak points of marketing metrics and how to use them in order to gain meaningful insights and act accordingly. These metrics can be applied in planning campaigns, evaluating impact, corrective action and optimizing results.
The course is a must for every manager who wants to practice marketing both creatively and logically and gain an understanding of the outcomes of marketing efforts. The metrics encourage rigor and objectivity and allow managers to compare observations across regions and time periods. They help grasp the essence of phenomena and encourage cooperation. Having defined the metrics mathematically and shared them within the company, they can become part of a precision language for communicating strategies and strategy implementation.
Here is a list of some of the metrics covered in the course: market share, relative market share, brand/category development index, market penetration, share of requirements, hierarchy of effects, awareness, attitudes, loyalty, willingness to search; margin, price per statistical unit, variable and fixed costs, contribution margin; trial, penetration, volume projections, cannibalization rate, fair share draw rate; price premium, reservation price, price elasticity of demand, optimal price, residual elasticity; redemption rates; costs for coupons, pass-through, price waterfall; CPM; GRP, effective reach & frequency, page-views, click-through rate, PPC, PPO, visitors, abandonment rate; net profit, ROS, ROI, payback, NPV, return on marketing investment (ROMI).
Note: This course is only in Bulgarian
Target audience
The course is designed for managers and employees in marketing departments and advertising agencies, as well as company directors. The training will be useful for those involved in the decision making and design of marketing plans, marketing programs, and budgets who want to gain a deeper understanding of the practical aspects of the trade and who wish to improve their interaction with the governing boards and other functional units of the company.

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Dates 11 - 24 April, 2024
Duration  2 weeks
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