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Digital Marketing
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Digital marketing (DM) uses the Internet to discover potential customers and create value for them at every step of the relationship. In addition to achieving results, DM has a way of measuring how effective this marketing is and what the return on the costs incurred will be.
Digital marketing success comes with solving the puzzle of Internet marketing tools and mixing them so they can help execute your marketing goals. The limitless possibilities are exciting but the professional jargon and the multiple combinations in implementation are somewhat overwhelming. Luckily internet marketing is quite logical.
The advantages of digital marketing are apparent:
  • It is cheaper than traditional marketing
  • You can move quicker from planning to implementation
  • It allows for content sharing
  • Campaigns have longer lives, are easily integrated, started, and stopped
  • It provides more space and time for brand stories to be told
  • Everything can be measured – behaviors, actions, results
To benefit from the advantages of DM you have to master its various techniques and tools including: email and online advertising, PPC, affiliate marketing, social media and online reputation management.
It has been shown that a company’s online reputation can impact the bottom line. Companies which are honest and transparent and listen to their clients attract more loyal customers who become passionate advocates of their brand. Companies that tend to ignore the voice of the client face decreasing loyalty and provoke resentment among the outspoken members of the online community. Companies should listen to what people have to say about them and learn to engage in dialog, keeping in mind that in today’s world power is in the hands of the consumer.

Dates 11 - 24 July, 2024
Duration  2 weeks
Trainer eFLAG Trainer