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Cognitive Bias Mitigation Techniques
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This training is designed to help you comprehend the essence of cognitive biases and map out techniques which will optimize your thinking and judgment in a complex environment.
Biases require a certain effort to learn to recognize and distinguish them. It is for this reason that our training abounds in simple illustrative examples. But most of the suggested techniques are far from complex. They relate to awareness of biases, cooperation, analysis and investigation.
The aim is to learn
  • To identify cognitive biases, since becoming aware of them in and of itself diminished their influence;
  • To notice them in others, but also in yourself, which is the more difficult task;
  • To investigate and ask the right questions which will test your perceptions and save you from grave errors;
  • To seek alternative actions free of cognitive bias.
This course is suitable for CEOs, department heads, project leaders, operations managers, marketing managers, business development officers, change managers, human resource managers and all professionals engaged in decision-making under conditions of uncertainty.
This course is suitable for all who previously participated in our other training offerings related to decision-making and core management skills, aimed at increased performance. It can also be treated as a stand-alone with no specific prerequisites for enrolment.
Form of Training
This is a distance learning course in web-based e-learning format.
Online learning includes:
  • Online materials available 24/7 for the duration of the training
  • Q&A in a discussion forum
  • A final multiple-choice online test of fixed duration, available for a week
  • A graded Certificate of Completion
The benefits of online learning:
  • You study whenever you want
  • You learn at your own speed
  • You join the discussion at your convenience
  • You test your knowledge online
  • You donít travel and take time off work
  • You learn more and spend less time and money
You are awarded a Certificate if you score over 70% at the final exam.