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Business Survey Design and Analysis
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Detailed Curriculum



First Week:


1.     Business Survey Design

    How to design a survey?

    Where do you begin?

    Types of questions and answers

    Composing questions and answers

    Answers to various types of questions

    How to ask prioritization questions?

    How to arrange categories?

    What scale to use?

    How many points should a scale have?

    When do we use open-ended questions?


2.    Good Survey Practices and Challenges

     Survey questions best practices

     Frequent mishaps with questions

     Words to avoid

     The good question

     Avoiding survey pitfalls

     Survey format tips

     Case study: A survey analyzed


3.    Analysis, Interpreting, and Presenting Results

     Analysis and Data Visualization

     How to interpret results?

     Required number of respondents and surveys




Second Week:


4.     Sample Surveys: Marketing, Sales, Clients

    Client focus individuals

    Client satisfaction

    Client service


    Negotiation skills


5.    Samples Surveys: Operations and Change


     Individual change

     Organizational change

     Team effectiveness

     Constant improvement


6.    Sample Surveys: HR and development

     Leadership behaviors

     Leadership style

     Decision making

     Personal style evaluation

          Emotional intelligence