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Business Negotiations: Strategy, Tactics, and Tools
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Note: This course is only in Bulgarian
The objective of this course is to help participants understand through theory and practice the process of business negotiations, learn to plan their goals, positions and settlement range. Participants will become skillful at using different forms of exchange and concessions as well learn to show power by means of proposing creative alternatives. The training provides the know-how and practical tools for developing negotiation models, identifying personal negotiation styles and mastering the skills of effective communication. Participants are introduced to a complete inventory of win-win tactics with advice on how to use them. They will also learn how to counter aggressive behaviors and tactics and how to handle difficult opponents.
Target audience
This training is designed for managers and company personnel who are involved in negotiations while performing the business functions of marketing, sales, supply, budgeting, and resource allocation. The training is best suited for those who negotiate with external and internal clients and suppliers in situations where safeguarding the company interests and building long-term relationships are vital and significant.
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For more information:
Phone: 02 987 7913; 0886 695 801
Fax: 02 986 1279

Dates 17 - 30 June, 2024
Duration  2 weeks
Trainer eFLAG Trainer