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Business Forecasting Methods
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All planning and managerial decision making is based on forecasting the future state of the business. The ability to forecast is vital for every manager.
The methods and techniques covered in this course will allow you to better see into the future. Your forecasts will be objective and easy to understand. They will not be influenced by random deviation and you will be able to prepare them in an efficient and timely manner.
This training is entirely focused on the methodsí practical application. It acquaints you with a set of forecasting methods through a host of clear examples and illustrative case studies. Quantitative techniques are introduced in an accessible manner with a minimum of complex mathematics and statistics. You will be shown step by step how multiple regression analysis is done in Excel. Forecasting tools are not explained in isolation but as part of a whole system and procedures are laid out about which methods when and how to use, as well as what their respective strengths and limitations are.
Mastering your forecasting skills is important, also because every inaccurate forecast comes at a price. And often it is a heavy price to pay. This is why the course devotes special attention to the evaluation and control of forecasting. The objective is to decrease forecast errors, so you do not have to pay the price of missed sales, dissatisfied clients, equipment downtime, and losses for your business.

Dates 4 - 17 July, 2024
Duration  2 weeks
Trainer eFLAG Trainer