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Business Decision Making: Skills, Techniques, and Tools
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The aim of the course is to make decision analysis accessible to a broad range of managers and administrators who are not necessarily experts in math and statistics. The primary focus of the training is on the practical management of problems.
The training will provide you with practical guidance, regardless of whether your current problem involves reconciling conflicting objectives, decision making under uncertainty, allocating scarce company resources, or finding convincing arguments in a negotiation. Even if you do not closely follow the proposed procedures, the course will help you broaden your view point and enhance your decision making skills.
Participants will learn:
  • To cope in complex situations by structuring and organizing problems;
  • To define uncertainty and present it in a comprehensible way;
  • To manage multiple objectives and trade-offs;
  • To analyze the different perspectives in a logical way and reach consensus when there are several paths to action;
  • To show flexibility when conditions have changed, rendering previous decisions inappropriate;
  • How not to fall prey to haste, narrow perspective, over-confidence, rules of thumb, filtering, or ad hoc thinking with no analytical framework.
As a practical guidebook for solving complex problems, the course is suitable for experienced and young managers alike.  It is a useful introduction for all who wish to explore in detail the methods, techniques, and tools of decision making and brush up the requisite skills. 
The training is suitable for managers and personnel from different company departments, engaged with strategic and operational decisions in their respective functions of marketing, supply, budgeting, resource planning, etc.
Form of Training
This is a distance learning course in web-based e-learning format.
Online learning includes
  • Online materials available 24/7 for the duration of the training
  • Q&A in a discussion forum 
  • A final multiple-choice online test of fixed duration, available for a week
  • A graded Certificate of Completion
The benefits of online learning
  • You study whenever you want
  • You learn at your own speed
  • You join the discussion at your convenience
  • You test your knowledge online
  • You donít travel and take time off work
  • You learn more and spend less time and money
You are awarded a Certificate if you score over 70% at the final exam.