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Business Continuity Management
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First Week:


1.     Introduction to Business Continuity


Benefits of adoption

Operational risk

Competitiveness and suppliers

Business continuity management system (BCMS)

Sample BCMS policy


2.     Overview and Impact Analysis

The essence of BCM

Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

How to treat impact

Determining activities

Data gathering and analysis


3.     Recovery and Risk Assessment

    Recovery objectives

    Recovery resources

    Quantitative risk assessment

    Risk identification

    Risk assessment

    Risk register

    Control and risk mitigation



Second Week:


4.     Continuity Strategies and Procedures

    Continuity strategy

    Continuity procedures

    Supply chains after the pandemic


5.     Embedding BCM in Change Management

    Change management

    Planned change

    Managing spontaneous change

    Crisis-prone organizations

    Core beliefs


6.     Cultural Web and BCMS Success Prerequisites  

    Cultural web analysis

    Cultural analysis of change

    BCMS success prerequisites

    Testing and real management

    Crisis management teams