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Applying the Kanban Method
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Detailed Curriculum


First Week:


1.   Main Concepts

                What is Kanban?

                Understanding the Kanban system   

                Essential Kanban practices

                Kanban board

                Digital Kanban board

                The Kanban pull system

                Pros and cons of Kanban


2.   Kanban in the Manufacturing Supply Chain

      Advantages of Kanban supply chain

      Which parts should be put on Kanban?

      Kanban applicability analysis

      Simple stair-step analysis

      Kanban during decreasing demand

      Adjusting to decreasing demand

      Further reducing lot size


3.   Physical Techniques for Kanban Replenishing Systems

      Floor markings

      Single Kanban techniques

      Multiple Kanban techniques

      Setting the order point

      Kanban card information

      Designating permanent locations

      Kanban for raw materials management

      Employing a materials ledger



Second Week:


4.   Throughput and Resource Workload

      Order pool

      Limiting WIP

      Throughput diagram

      Little’s Law

      Distributing load

      The 3 times

      Pool time and shop-floor time for the client


5.   Solving the Control Problem with Internal Supply

      Controlling internal supply


      Applicability of Kanban

      Milti-loop Kanban

      The ConWIP system

      How does ConWIP function?

      The 2 rules of ConWIP

      Applicability of ConWIP


6.   The POLCA and COBACABANA Systems

      How does POLCA work?

      Applicability of POLCA

      Blocking in POLCA

      What is COBACABANA?

      How does COBACABANA work?

      Balancing the workload

      Planning board


      Order Guidance Form

      Aggregate workload