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Strategic Thinking
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Strategic thinking leads to the writing of a strategic plan but it often just gathers dust in some filing cabinet and is not used to guide everyday action. The reason is that it had been drafted in the standard manner, does not excel in any way, and therefore, we cannot expect it to provide us with a competitive edge.
We live in a tactical-oriented world. Modern communications and social media additionally enhance our tendency for reactive behavior, without much thought. Our notion of strategic thinking is that it requires that we dedicate ourselves to long hours of contemplation and eventually produce some great treatise.
But the truth is that great strategies are simple. And we do not need to take a long leave of absence to create them. We only need to learn about the available approaches and ways in which other strategists have succeeded or failed. This is what this course intends to teach you.
It is easy to see the tactics we use to win, much harder the strategy behind the big win. This course will acquaint you with the different schools of strategic thinking. Each school represents one aspect of the problem. And each one is interesting and contains a certain insight. All in one, they give us the clear and complete picture every serious business strategist needs.

Dates 19 July -
1 August, 2023
Duration  2 weeks
Trainer eFLAG Trainer