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Revamping Classic Sales Techniques
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First Week:


1.     Changes in Selling

    Why sales are not the same any more?

    The most important changes in sales

    Ancient tactics and their substitutes


2.    Trends and Effective Techniques

     Trends in sales

     Effective techniques backed up by research

Unconsidered needs

Stories with contrast

Parity trap

Hammock effect

Price uncertainty, etc.


3.    Sales on the Demand Side

     The two sides of sales

     Struggle with the problem

     Motivation for moving forward

     The four forces of progress

     Progress schedule

     The big picture: Why are they buying?



Second Week:


4.     GAP Selling

    Seven truths about selling today

    The ten factors to resist change

    Stages of the GAP sale


5.    Overview of Sales Methodologies

     Sandler system

     Challenger sale

     SPIN method

     MEDDIC method


6.    Overview of Sales Methodologies (ctd.)

    Conceptual sale

    Target Account Selling (TAS)

    Straight-line persuasion The Way of the Wolf

    Transparent sale

    Winning Complex Sales (WCS)

    Inbound selling