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Root Cause Analysis for Business Problem Solving
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A large number of organizations invest time and money to improve their processes. In spite of this, the same problems pop up again and again which negatively affects clients, employees, and the company’s ability to compete.
Problems become too apparent when companies implement formalized quality management systems which require them to gather and analyze performance data and conduct operational audits against a set of KPIs.
Unfortunately, there is a lack of guidelines for problem diagnostics and discovering root causes. Companies often resort to improvised solutions, hoping that the problem will go away but it only increases the risk of recurrence.
Daily problems certainly frustrate employees but they can also lead to more serious consequences that can threaten jobs and destroy trust. Today, a product can become a market hit in a matter of hours but problems with it can destroy it just as quick.
Although digital technologies have improved our chances for identifying problems, our ability to solve them has not developed much. People in business tend to look for creative solutions but do not pay enough attention to logical deduction.
This course is focusing on the analytical process behind problem solving, on clarifying and visualizing RCA. It allows us to find the flaws in our thinking and performance.
The training puts emphasis on solving day-to-day, recurrent problems, and not on investigating large-scale accidents, which saves us from delving into quantitative methods to validate hypotheses and analyze tests with complicated variables.
The training addresses a serious gap in a core skills area. Most employees do not possess the skills for Root Cause Analysis. RCA is not taught at college even for those professions where it is most needed.

Dates 29 June -
12 July, 2023
Duration  2 weeks
Trainer eFLAG Trainer