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Reliability and Plant Asset Management
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First Week:


1.    Risk, Root Cause, and Other Dependencies

    Manufacturing health

    The IONICS process

    Asset life-cycle

    Risk hierarchy

    Complete failure elimination

    World-class enterprise asset management


2.     Causes and Failure Elimination

    Reliability defined

    Failure rate of equipment parts

    Doing away with causes of failure

    How to achieve high reliability?

    No chance of component failure


3.     Precision Quality, Hidden Potential, and Control

    Reliability policies and practices

    Removing micro causes

    Area of precision quality

    Precision maintenance

    Case study: The hidden factory



Second Week:


4.     Financial Aspects and Equipment Configurations

    Operational excellence

    Cost of downtime

    Profit killers

    Reliability chart

    High-reliability configurations




5.     Attributes of Reliability and Their Impact

    Reliability characteristics

    Consequences of serial setup

    Dealing with complexity

    The profit maximization attribute

    Parallel systems characteristics

    Case study: The joiner’s rule of thumb


6.     Measuring for Improved Performance

    Performance distribution

    Process and steps monitoring

    Process efficiency graphs

    Case study: Enterprise efficiency

    Monitoring takeaways