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Profitable Pricing Strategies and Tactics
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First Week:
  1. Strategic Pricing
Profit and sustainable growth
The wrong stereotypes
The role of optimization
Value cascade
  1. Economic Value and Communicating Price
Reference and differentiating value
Economic value estimation
Calculating total economic value (Case Study)
Evaluating psychological value (Case Study)
Communicating price and value
Psychological value effect
  1. Price Structure and Pricing Policy
Price segmentation and sabotaging it
Offer configuration
Price metrics and differentiation
Pricing policy and expectations
Pricing policies for negotiations and objections
Policies by client types
Second Week:
  1. Price Levels and Price Competition
Six stage price setting process
Feasible price range
Price breakeven and elasticity
Psychological factors
Communicating the new prices
Price competition
  1. Pricing Cost and Profit Analysis
Financial evaluation of the alternatives
Incremental costs
Avoidable costs
Potential profit evaluation
  1. Pricing Cost and Profit Analysis (cont.)
Breakeven with variable costs
Breakeven with reactive price
Financial scenarios
Breakeven sales curves
Refining the baseline
Covering the other costs