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Influencer Marketing
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Traditional ads are annoying and intrusive. They interrupt consumers and get in the way of what they are doing. That's why they prefer to block them. Influencer marketing (IM) solves this problem. For one, it is not seen as an interruption, it is done by influencers who customers like. They have signed up for their channels and follow them. This allows you to naturally reach your audience and maintain a close relationship with them.
IM increases brand awareness and revenue. But it also provides a number of other benefits. Influencers help you avoid ad blockers. Their content is valuable to users and contributes to the realization of your marketing strategy. Partnerships with influencers and online content creators help grow your social media following. Through influencers you reach niche audiences. They boost your SEO rankings and help you appeal to Gen Z. Influencer marketing is available to every business large and small.
This course is a concise but comprehensive guide to IM. It includes a healthy dose of theory from leading IM authorities. The course contains interesting insights and applied knowledge, tools and tips for working with influencers, lots of examples, including an IM campaign brief template and a case study from a real field study on influencer branding, as well as additional authentic materials, including conversations with IM professionals from Bulgaria and abroad.
Among the key terms you will pick up are: long tail, engagement rate, brand ambassador, followers, vanity metrics, posting frequency, brand relevance, reach, conversion rate, CTA, discount codes, homophily, wishful identification, purchasing intent, overshadowing effect, and others.

Dates 22 - 28 June, 2023
Duration  1 week
Trainer eFLAG Trainer