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Financial Modeling and Forecasting with Excel
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What is the objective of the training?:

This seminar on Financial Modeling strives to assist financial analysts and other business practitioners to enrich their skills in exploiting the MS Excel functionalities within the concepts and techniques employed in financial analysis and modeling. The objective is to expand the practitioners' capacity to collaborate to a more effective business management by improvement in their applied analytical skills and abilities for on-the-job performance upon facing a variety of management challenges.

Learning outcomes of the training

After completing this course the participants should be able to:

    Develop long and short-term financial models to assess and evaluate the reasonableness of market projections and key operational assumptions.
    Understand how to use Excel to utilize the primary methods utilized for assessing capital needs and strategic decisions.
    Understand the difference between risk and uncertainty.
    Employ Monte Carlo Simulation to perform probabilistic analysis with limited data and under uncertainty.
    Identify appropriate optimization approach and set up a model for addressing a real business problem.
    Consider the best applications for the selected model, and assess the value added by the model.
    Translate (frmalize) a real business problem into the settings of an optimization model chosen.
    Use Excel spreadsheet with add-ins, including Solver, Analysis ToolPak, Goal Seek and SimTools to simulate, solve, interpret and optimize the problem.
    Interpret and validate the results of an optimization model.
    Use sensitivity analysis to understand the impact of input changes on the optimal solution of any LP or IP model.