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Essential Supply Chain Metrics and KPIs
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Detailed Curriculum


  1. Most Important Supply Chain KPIs and Their Levels

      How vital are SC-KPI?

      Five must-have indicators

      Four SC-KPI levels

            High executive

            Inventory SC-KPIs

            Orders and deliveries SC-KPIs

            Other SC-KPIs


2.   Strategy and Financial Supply Chain Metrics

      Supply chain triangle

      Challenges with balancing the supply chain triangle

      Expanding the triangle

      Working capital and supply (Cash Conversion Cycle)

      Three product strategies (Treacy and Wiersema)

            Product leadership

            Operational excellence (OPEX)

            Customer intimacy


3.   Crawford and Mathews Value Model

      Drivers of value

      Crawford and Mathews Model

      Driver metrics

      Sample key metrics


4.   SCOR Model

      What is the SCOR model?

      The five process of the SCOR model

      The five attributes of the SCOR model

      The levels of the SCOR model

      Developing KPIs for SCOR

      A chain of milestones

      Level one metrics in the SCOR model

      Milestones and planning

      Sales planning accuracy

      Market-conformity planning


5.   Additional Materials with Abstracts

      Four cases with KPIs from four different industries

      Four articles with sector-specific KPIs, dashboards and visualizations