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Creating Resilient Supply Chains
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Detailed Curriculum



First Week:


1.     Supply Chain Strategy


    Red and blue ocean strategy

    Strategic integration

    Logistic strategy

    Winning strategy model

    Push and pull strategy

    Supply chain strategy typology


2.    Planning and Forecasting Supply

     Managing demand

     Planning demand

     Communicating demand

     Influencing demand

     Forecasting demand

     Exponential smoothing

     Moving average

     Trend analysis

     Bullwhip effect


3.    Controlling and Planning Inventory

     Basics of inventory management

     Functions of inventory

     Inventory ABC analysis

     Economic order quantity

     Discount EOQ model



Second Week:


4.     Resilience, Analysis and Modeling

    Ripple effect (RE)

    RE resilience

    Decision analysis and modeling


5.     Sourcing

    In-housing or outsourcing?

    Principles of outsourcing

    Cost analysis

    Traditional costing

    Total cost of ownership

    Activity based costing


6.    Evaluation of the Cycle, Suppliers, and Risks

     Lifecycle costing

     Value analysis

     Discovering potential suppliers

     Evaluation of suppliers

     Supplier selection

     How to split large orders

          Managing supply chain risk