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Cross-Cultural Business Communication
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Detailed Curriculum
Week One
1. Introduction: Conceptual Framework
What is Culture?
The Cultural Iceberg Visible and Invisible Elements
Value System
Practical Implications
2. High and Low Context Cultures The Model of Edward T. Hall
Application and Tools
3. Cultural Dimensions The Model of Geert Hofstede
Power Distance (PDI)
Individualism / Collectivism (IDV)
Masculinity / Femininity (MAS)
Uncertainty Avoidance (UAI)
Pragmatism (LTO)
Indulgence / Restraint (IND)
Application and Tools
4. Cross-Cultural Talents and Skills in Commercial Communication
Explore communication styles
Learn taboos and problems
Prepare 3 categories of questions
Adapt cultural empathy
5. Cross-Cultural Negotiation Skills and Styles
Explore types of cultures and cultural differences
Learn proactive learning mode
Prepare negotiation styles and practices
Converge beyond friend-and-foe
6. Managing Cross-Cultural Communication -
Cultural Intelligence (CQ) The Model of Christopher Earley and Soon Ang
CQ talent or skill
Four-Stage Model
Development Strategies and Techniques