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Cross-Cultural Business Communication
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Participants will:
  • Get acquainted with the basic cross-cultural communication concepts, classifications and models
  • Learn to accept cultural ambiguity and cope in settings with unfamiliar rules
  • Learn to explore the cultural context, enter into learning mode, prepare for cross-cultural meetings and show adaptability
  • Develop cross-cultural communication skills that would allow them to plan and handle meetings with confidence and dexterity
  • Gain knowledge of new communication and negotiation techniques and tools and enhance their negotiation power in cross-cultural situations
  • Appreciate the impact of cultural intelligence on effective communication with partners and understand how they can develop their CQ
  • Acquire a flexible repertoire of behaviors and responses to a variety of cross-cultural challenges
This training is suitable for managers and employees from different company departments, who are engaged in business communications and negotiations in cross-cultural settings, or evaluating and developing cultural intelligence in the context of sales, marketing, project management, supply, company resources, and talent management. The training will benefit international business negotiators, wherever business success and the building of long-term relationships depend on understanding cultural diversity and gaining insights into their partnersí cultures.
Form of Training
This is a distance learning course in web-based e-learning format.

Online learning includes:
  • Online materials available 24/7 for the duration of the training
  • Q&A in a discussion forum
  • A final multiple-choice online test of fixed duration, available for a week
  • A graded Certificate of Completion
The benefits of online learning:
  • You study whenever you want
  • You learn at your own speed
  • You join the discussion at your convenience
  • You test your knowledge online
  • You donít travel and take time off work
  • You learn more and spend less time and money
You are awarded a Certificate if you score over 70% at the final exam.