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Cross-Cultural Business Communication
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Working with foreign nationals often leads to misunderstanding and missed opportunities for business. We all have seen how some managers and salespeople glide like Olympic figure-skaters in a cross-cultural setting while others stumble and fall like absolute beginners. Where is the difference? How do some manage to build trust and sign deals with Latin Americans, Chinese or Germans while others encounter problems in communicating with people in their own office?
The familiar techniques for asking questions in negotiations and sales donít work in a cross-cultural context. The direct approach of asking about what you donít understand, every step of the way, will not take you far because some nations are reserved and donít share and others are not so analytically focused on their own culture.
We live in a global and interconnected world. Communications and transportation technologies help people converge but at a deeper level cultural differences do not disappear. On the contrary Ė the wide open communication channels increase the probability of misunderstanding, tension, and conflict.
Doing business today is a multicultural challenge. We cannot afford to be culturally insensitive. We can not rely on common sense and intuition alone to advance our work and business deals by a fluke.
The usual approach to study the individual customs, cultural practices, and taboos of various nations is not enough and does not prepare us for every situation. Books about culture and cross-cultural communication are often too academic and immersed in their own ivory-tower rhetoric.
This training will acquaint you with the strategies, models, tools and techniques, related to good cross-cultural business practices. The key strategic position in cross-cultural communication, which we advocate, is a learning mode and developing a capacity to read the signs that lead to shared understanding with those who are culturally different.
The training puts emphasis on Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and how it can be developed in accordance with the methods and model, created by Christopher Earley and Soon Ang in 2003.
Cultural Intelligence (CQ) offers managers an overall repertoire of behaviors and perspectives that can be applied to a vast number of cultural situations. It includes cognitive strategies of a higher order which allow us to develop heuristic problem-solving techniques and rules for communicating in unfamiliar cultural environments. It gives us the needed finesse to cope in difficult situations as well as a decisive competitive advantage.

Dates 20 May -
2 June, 2020
Duration  2 weeks
Trainer eFLAG Trainer