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Business Analytics for Optimal Solutions
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First Week:
  1. Introduction in Business Analytics
Definition and types
Process, methods, and planning
Sample analytical approaches
Challenges and implementation guidance
  1. Prescriptive Optimization Analysis
Essence of descriptive analysis
Linear optimization model (LOM)
Solving LOMs with Solver in Excel
Extended practical case study
  1. Prescriptive Optimization Analysis (cont.)
LOM with Premium Solver
Graphic interpretation of LOMs
Solver and modeling subtleties
Second Week:
  1. Optimization Scenarios and Sensitivity Analysis
Optimization insights
What-if analysis
Solver sensitivity report
Types of optimization models
Types of model constraints
  1. Linear Optimization Application
Selecting a production process Case study
Results and visualization
Capacity use
Cost per unit analysis
Ranges of allowable cost and demand
  1. Integer Linear Optimization
Application of Integer LOMs
Supply chain optimization Case study
Workforce scheduling Case study