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Course Duration Date  
Business Decision Making: Skills, Techniques, and Tools 2 weeks 02.04.20 Thursday
Essential Sales Management Metrics 2 weeks 02.04.20 Thursday
Reliability and Plant Asset Management 2 weeks 02.04.20 Thursday
Content Marketing 2 weeks 09.04.20 Thursday
Root Cause Analysis for Business Problem Solving 2 weeks 09.04.20 Thursday
Business Process Change Management 2 weeks 14.04.20 Tuesday
Profitable Pricing Strategies and Tactics 2 weeks 14.04.20 Tuesday
Budgeting 2 weeks 15.04.20 Wednesday
Agile Management Methods 2 weeks 22.04.20 Wednesday
Fail-Free Measurement with Fudge-Free KPIs 2 weeks 24.04.20 Friday
Media Strategies and Planning (online) 2 weeks 24.04.20 Friday
Applied Methods for Calculating Risk 2 weeks 30.04.20 Thursday
Digital Marketing 2 weeks 30.04.20 Thursday
Lean Six Sigma Tools of Profitability 2 weeks 30.04.20 Thursday
Winning KPIs 2 weeks 14.05.20 Thursday

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