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Course Duration Date  
Media Strategies and Planning (online) 2 weeks 23.11.17 Thursday
Root Cause Analysis for Business Problem Solving 2 weeks 23.11.17 Thursday
Customer-Focused Presentations 2 weeks 28.11.17 Tuesday
Effective Risk Management 2 weeks 01.12.17 Friday
Cognitive Bias Mitigation Techniques 2 weeks 06.12.17 Wednesday
Marketing Audit (online) 3 weeks 06.12.17 Wednesday
Cost Accounting (online) 3 weeks 07.12.17 Thursday
Digital Marketing 2 weeks 08.12.17 Friday
Business Decision Making: Skills, Techniques, and Tools 2 weeks 13.12.17 Wednesday
Business Negotiations: Strategy, Tactics, and Tools 2 weeks 15.12.17 Friday
Corporate Finance (Part I) (online) 3 weeks 04.01.18 Thursday
Corporate Finance (Part II) (online) 3 weeks 31.01.18 Wednesday

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